Commercial Code

We are pleased to present a new publication that we launched at the beginning of 2018, titled „Codice di Commercio Slovacco (Prima e Seconda Parte)“. The authors, Mr. Pavol Biksadský and Mr. Andrea Cianti, have introduced to the market a professional translation of the Slovak Commercial Code (the first and the second section) into Italian. The provisions of the Commercial codes, translated in a clear and comprehensive manner  is a priceless tool for Italian speaking individuals or companies localised in Slovakia, in need of a better command of legal terminology.

The publication deals with the following topics:

General provisions (such as, the enterprise, acting on behalf of an enterprise, registry of companies, foreign enterprise, unfair competition) and corporate law (such as capital contributions, resignation from the position of an executive director, setting up a company, registration of a company, bodies corporate, capital funds, winding up a company, mergers and acquisitions, provisions regarding each of the legal forms of corporations).

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